Welcome to the Pemberton BarnBurner Triple Trail Running Race. It’s a mouthful, eh?

Pemberton, BC’s trails have become world-renowned to mountain bikers but local trail runners are no stranger to their fun factor. And since we’re nice, we want to share!

Our goal is to create a fun and challenging race with a grass roots feel. No fancy bells and whistles, just an great experience.

Runners will get to choose their distance: 10k, 15k or 25k (all in the “ish” range) over 3 distinct loops of technical trail running or run it as a relay.  Every loop comes back through the village and the Pemberton Community Barn.

Grass Roots
plural noun: grassroots
  1. the most basic level of an activity or organization.
    “the whole campaign would be conducted at the grass roots
    synonyms: popular, of-the-people, bottom-up, nonhierarchical, rank-and-file “a grassroots movement”


Thank you to our 2015 partners:


Boco Gear
Boco Gear

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